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The small picking bucket consists of a light and decent aluminium base, combined with a foam-rubber lining to offer optimal protection for the fruit. Thanks to the short distance between the point of picking and the point of dropping the fruit into the bucket, this product is way more efficient than competing products.


This product is available in several combinations. For an explanation per option and information on the size, the weight and the shipping of this product, please click on ‘description’ below.

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Standard Carrying Strap: The standard carrying strap is a broadly crossed carrying strap which is the size is adjustable with a buckle. This strap is made out of durable cotton; a natural product that is easy to cope with.
Comfort Carrying Strap: The comfort carrying strap is a broadly crossed, waterproof carrying strap with shoulder patches (stimulating optimal carrying comfort). Two buckles make it possible to adjust the size of this strap.


Anodized: By anodizing the aluminum, the tray no longer gives off black to the hands and clothes.


Strip: The strip makes the bottom of the picking bucket even stronger. Carrying comfort increases significantly as well, since the strip makes the bottom of the picking bucket rounder.


PVC: The PVC inner sack is a decent nylon sack, covered with a PVC coating that is safe for food. This material is a bit rougher than the PA version. An advantage of the PVC inner sack is that the sack stays in its place when loaded with heavy fruit.

PA: The PA inner sack is a decent, light and flexible sack, made out of polyamide (nylon). This material is smoother, which makes it easier to unload the fruit. This sack is recommended for small picking buckets.



Size: 36 x 20 x 30 centimeters
This product weighs around 1.7 kilograms, depending on the version being chosen.
Volume: 18 liters



A pallet of 0.8 x 1.2 x 2.3 meters can carry up to 70 picking buckets, whereas a pallet with a height of two meters can carry up to 60 buckets. Four picking buckets fit in one box.

To save shipping costs, we can put the small picking buckets in the large ones (for free). This should be requested when ordering.

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Without Strip, With Strip

Type of carrying strap

Standard carrying strap, Comfort carrying strap


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